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Review Changes Questionnaire

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Since Our Last Review Have You :
Changed employer
Increased or decreased your income needs?
Substantially increased or decreased your income?
Purchased or sold any investments?
Increased or decreased your capacity to save?
Received an inheritance?
Purchased or sold any investments?
Do you foresee any major expenditure this year eg. holiday, car or medical?
Received an inheritance or other lump sum?
Have any of your children: married, divorced or had children?
Implemented or cancelled any life insurance?
Have you had any health issues?
Do you foresee any major expenditure in the next year?
Are you considering an assisted living or aged care facility in the next few years?
Have any children been born, left school or left home?
Any other relevant changes?
Are you intending to retire in the next five years?
Any other relevant changes?


(Is there anything else you would like to discuss in our meeting?)